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This a very short adventure about the president recounting his childhood, while exploring his parents home, that has recently been hit by a nuke.

A revived cold war, this time with the inclusion of China, turned nuclear when someone fired a nuclear warhead at America. Everyone panicked sending out nukes, and after just 17 minutes a peace treaty was drawn up between the 3 countries.

With a devastated nation laying at your hands and the news of Texas being hit, you remember about your parents and decide to go see if they might still be alright.

Sorry in advance for the terrible aesthetics outside, but I mainly focused on the inside of the building that you can explore. Have fun and be ready for the plot twist.

All assets apart from those listed in the credits were created by me and are copyright free, so please feel free to use them if they are of interest to you.

Install instructions

Unzip download folder and run exe file


Forgotten Youth.zip 63 MB

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